Why I Hate the Term “Fat Shaming” & “Skinny Shaming”

At the risk of offending everyone on the internet, maybe if more obese people focused on getting healthy & the ideal weight for their body & less on crying about who’s more victimized: skinny or obese people, there wouldn’t be fat shaming. Every person’s body is different; what is ideal for one woman’s build might be a size 16, for another, it’s a two. Women should focus on being healthy, eating the right food, promoting loving our bodies by taking care of them & being a healthy weight that works for our height & frame, not some mythical ideal. I’m very focused on getting there, because I have daughters & I need to teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle & why we should celebrate our individual body types by taking care of them. I didn’t for a long time & now I see that so many of my own issues came from negative body image. I didn’t like being overweight, so I did something about it.

A doctor is not fat shaming you. He or she is telling you that you run the risk of health problems from being overweight.

Someone suggesting portion control or that you make better food choices is not far shaming you. They are being straight with you that these simple changes can help you feel better. They likely care & are trying to help.

Someone asking for a smaller dress size at the mall is not fat shaming you. They just want a smaller size.

If someone says “real men love curves” they are not skinny shaming you, they’re passively aggressively showing how jealous they are.

If someone suggests that you are underweight, they are not skinny shaming you, they are likely trying to be a friend & make sure you’re okay.

If you’re proud of who you are, then embrace it. No “shaming” should affect you. If it is, you’re clearly unhappy with your appearance, so either fix it in a healthy way or own it. Those are your options. /rant

Run For Your Life

Every other morning, my alarm goes off @ 7am & I haul my tired ass out of bed & go running. I turn on my Runkeeper app & my angry white boy music & run for 35 minutes in the hope that I’ll get closer to my goal of a 6 minute mile. I’m hoping to participate in a 5K zombie run with some friends this autumn, and cardio is a big part of my weight loss plan.

However, I kind of hate running. Like, a…

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